Video and audio recordings

The Aeronautical Museum's audio and video collection contains aviation-themed material spanning decades.

On various sound and image carriers - film and audio tapes, VHS tapes, compact discs, DVDs, magnetic tapes and other portable media, there are audio and video recordings with testimonies of significant moments and events from domestic and world aviation history. .   

A significant part of the audio and video material is dedicated to the airline company JAT. The collection of audio-video records also includes recordings of various aircraft, parachute and aviation cups, aviation Olympics, rocket modeling, aviation exhibitions, world championships and balloon parades. The collection also includes footage from air shows, airports, displays of the delivery of various types of aircraft to Yugoslavia, aerial footage, as well as promotional materials and films with an aviation theme from the domain of popular culture.

In the sphere of the digital environment, audio-video materials represent an important factor in the preservation, increase of accessibility and popularization of significant museum materials that deal with aviation history and preserve the memory of aviation traditions. 

In the desire to show and popularize the importance of the history and development of aviation and the aviation industry and technology as much as possible, the collection of audio-video records can be useful for the creation of numerous exhibitions, research, films, various forms of video-material that through social networks, the site of the Aeronautical Museum and other digital platforms enable greater visibility of the Museum itself, as well as a wide range of opportunities for further cooperation with related museum, cultural and scientific institutions.

Fizir plane taking off