Airplanes and helicopters

The Aeronautical Museum's collection of airplanes and helicopters includes 165 aircraft, showing the development of aviation in Serbia and the former Yugoslavia. If we exclude the replica of the Sarić plane number 1 from 1910 and the replica of the Njepor 11 plane, the oldest plane that the collection owns is the domestically produced Fizir FN plane that was produced just before the Second World War.

A particularly significant segment of the collection are airplanes from the Second World War period, because the museum collection has a number of the most important airplanes that were produced by different countries such as Germany, Great Britain, USSR, USA, and they all have in common that they flew as part of the Yugoslav Air Force. When it comes to helicopters, the collection contains almost all types of helicopters that flew in the Yugoslav Air Force, except for the types that are still flying.

The most important item in the collection is the Fiat G-50 Bis plane, which has a turbulent history, and is also the only preserved example of this plane in the world.

The collection of airplanes and helicopters inherited by the Aeronautical Museum in the form of national-historical heritage is testimony to the development of military and civil aviation as well as historical-political events. Comprehensiveness makes it special and recognizable at the world level.