Maquettes and models

The collection of maquettes and models includes hundreds of objects of various purposes and dimensions.

The Aeronautical Museum has several model aircrafts that were used for testing in wind tunnels, such as the models of Bešlin's project Ba-12, which were used for tests in the wind tunnel in Sweden, stand out, then the model of the destroyer Nemi and the model of the plane Fizir FT-1 Nebojša, which are projects of domestic constructors before the Second World War.

When it comes to models/maquettes, the Museum has decorative, advertising and aviation companies models, as well as models of airplanes that were specially ordered for the exhibition of the Aeronautical Museum. One of the first permanent exhibitions of the Museum of Yugoslav Aviation in the sixties of the last century was made up mainly of models made for the Museum by the Center for Aviation Modeling.

Models represent an excellent opportunity to display several three-dimensional objects in a small space. The oldest models in the collection are models of Sarić's plane from 1914 and helicopter from 1917.