Art collection

Aviation and the sky as an inexhaustible source of inspiration led to the creation of works of art that make up the art collection of the Aviation Museum. This collection was created with the aim of storing, researching and presenting works of fine and applied art.

The art collection is divided into three parts that include sculptures and paintings - watercolors and oils on canvas dating from the period of the First World War up to modern artists. Special segments are dedicated to Josip Broz Tito, partisan aviation, as well as works by contemporary painters from the Art Colony of the Aviation Museum from 2017. The third part of the art collection includes other works of applied art consisting of graphics, copperplate prints, acrylics, tapestries and other combined techniques.

The most valuable items in the art collection of the Aviation Museum are the acrylic on paper by Aleksandаr Derokо from 1915, as well as the oil on canvas by the painter Sergej Urvačev - Battle of Dobro Pole, which represent artistic creations of direct witnesses of aviation in the Great War.