Aircraft engines

The Aeronautical Museum's collection of aircraft engines includes almost two hundred aircraft engines from different eras.

The oldest engine in the collection is the engine of a German fighter plane from the First World War, which was taken out of the Doiran Lake in the 1980s. The museum also has examples of rotary engines, also from the period of the First World War and engines used on fighter planes of the Second World War, such as Db-601, which belonged to the Messerschmitt Bf-109E-3 plane flown by Pilot Sergeant Milivoje Bošković in April 1941 in the defense of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Another important engine that the Museum owns is the German Jumo-004, which is the first operational jet engine in the world that was installed on the first German Messerschmitt 262 jet aircraft.

The most modern aircraft engines in the collection are the engine from the Mig-29 aircraft, which was flown by lieutenant colonel pilot Milenko Pavlović in 1999, then the engine from the F-16C aircraft that was shot down on May 2, 1999, as well as engine from the F-117A aircraft.