NATO aggression

The collection contains material evidence of the heroic defense of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia during the 78 days of NATO aggression in 1999.

In the air war against the FRY, the Air Force and the Air Defense of the Yugoslav Army played the most prominent role. Faced with a technologically and numerically stronger opponent, the Air Force and Anti-aircraft defense provided the Aeronautical Museum with "Exhibits that fell from the sky", which was the name of the exhibition opened at the end of 1999.

Among the most important items in the Collection are the remains of F-117A and F-16C aircraft, Predator and Crecerelle drones, as well as a large number of weapons used by the North Atlantic Alliance during the attack, such as the Tomahawk cruise missile, HARM and ALARM anti-radar missiles and cluster bombs. The collection also includes the bomb that hit the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade and the air intake panel of the American A-10 attack aircraft.

The testimony of the heroic feat of pilot colonel Milenko Pavlović is represented by the seat of the MiG-29 aircraft on which he performed his last mission in defense of the Fatherland.