House Rules

The Aeronautical Museum is dedicated to creating a unique experience for its visitors and ensuring unhindered access to the exhibition space, as well as quality preservation and presentation of the unique aviation heritage that we inherit.

To make your visit to the Aeronautical Museum as pleasant as possible, please observe the following rules:

• Touching the exhibits is strictly prohibited.
• Climbing on the displayed exhibits is strictly prohibited.
• Children under the age of 12 can visit the Museum only when accompanied by an adult.             
• The importation of any type of vehicle is prohibited (the ban does not apply to wheelchairs and baby carriages).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
• Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Aeronautical Museum. It also applies to electronic cigarettes.

• Consumption of food and beverages is prohibited in the exhibition area of ​​the Aeronautical Museum.

• It is forbidden to bring pets into the Museum (the ban does not apply to guide dogs of people with disabilities).

• The Aeronautical Museum is not responsible for any damage to visitors, if the damage is the result of non-compliance with the above Rules of Conduct.
• Please take care of personal items. The Aeronautical Museum is not responsible for lost items.
• In order to avoid damage to the exhibited exhibits and not to interfere with the tour, photography is allowed without a flash or a tripod, in certain parts of the exhibition space. Photography and recording is allowed for personal use only.
• We ask journalists and other interested persons, whose aim is to photograph and record the Museum's exhibition space for commercial purposes, to announce in advance by sending an inquiry to
• Teachers, professors and chaperones of groups of children are responsible for the discipline of their group members and are responsible for their safety during the entire visit to the Aeronautical Museum. During the tour of the Museum, chaperones of groups of children are responsible for accompanying their group and responsible for their behavior and safety.
• In the interest of the safety, security and well-being of all our visitors, please comply with these Rules. Legal measures will be taken against persons who endanger their own and others' safety during the visit. Any violation of the Code of Conduct will be sanctioned by termination of the tour and leaving the Aeronautical Museum complex.

The facility is under video surveillance.

Internet access (WiFi) is free in the Aeronautical Museum.

We try to provide every visitor with a pleasant stay. In case the visitor shows non-compliance with the rules of conduct, the museum staff reserves the right to remove him/her from the exhibition.

If you need any help while you are in the Museum, feel free to contact the employees at the info desk. We hope you enjoy your visit to the Aeronautical Museum.