The technological development of air transport and achievements in the 20th century was paralleled by their promotion.

Posters and other propaganda material on paper were printed all over the world. The aim was to inform the wider public about upcoming events, news in the world of aviation and mainly the promotion of new destinations, flights of airline companies and new types of aircraft. All notices, depending on their importance, are printed in different formats. In addition to aviation, the motives of propaganda notices are diverse.

The Aviation Museum's poster collection includes hundreds of posters with aviation motifs of military and civil aviation from the 20th century. The collection mainly consists of civil and sport aviation posters as well as military aviation propaganda posters. The richness of the collection consists of art and graphic designed posters for the purpose of promoting the airlines of Yugoslavia, as well as other countries of the world. Posters with motifs of the military aviation are also kept for the purpose of promoting the pilot call.

The collection is divided into eight groups with subgroups: civil aviation posters (Air Force and anti-aircraft defense, competitions, air rallies), civil aviation posters (JAT, company parties, other), sports aviation posters (Aeronautical Association, aero clubs, parachuting, gliding , ballooning, ultralight aircraft, modeling and rocket modeling, model making, selenites and landings), cosmonautics, calendars (JAT, domestic, foreign), propaganda posters, NATO aggression 1999, posters of the Aviation Museum.