Military aviation

The History of Military Aviation collection follows the development of the national air force from the first years of the twentieth century to the present day.

Military aviation was founded by the decree of Field marshal Putnik on 24th of December, 1912 which made the Kingdom of Serbia one of the first countries in the world to establish an Air force as an integral part of the army. In the same year, the first pilots were trained, and the following year, the first victim of the Serbian Air Force fell. 
It was created during the years of the great wars at the beginning of the century, and developed under different circumstances in the interwar and postwar period.

Observing the development of the national military aviation, the twentieth century itself and its course full of war events caused a constant, accelerated and high level of development of the domestic military aviation, based both on foreign influences and on the capacities of the Serbian and Yugoslav states.

The collection stored in the Museum is a set of museum objects, photographs and archives that testify to the origin of the military aviation, its peacetime development, as well as its participation in the Balkan wars, both World Wars and Yugoslav wars at the end of the XX century. They represent an important source for the studying of national aviation, but also aviation in general.